CopShock: Second Edition
Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

by Allen R. Kates, MFAW, BCECR


Trauma Support Sources
For Healing and Recovery



The 225+ mental health support sources in this section of the website are more than just a listing of randomly chosen resources. We researched, evaluated, and selected them for their usefulness and importance.

Most of these resources are reproduced from the book CopShock, Second Edition: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), by Allen R. Kates, and even though they were originally selected for police officers and their families, most of them apply to everyone, police officer, firefighter, warfighter or civilian.

Although we have researched the products, services and information you are about to read, it is important that you decide how valuable they are to you. The organizations and people described here have not solicited us and do not pay for their listing. However, it is essential that you make sure they are valid, legitimate, reasonable, reliable and correct. Not every resource or support source is appropriate for every person. Ask for medical licenses, driver's license, references, next of kin, name of first born, pets... you get the idea.

Please click on the titles below to be taken to the list of support sources for those subjects.

And if you would like to create a link on your website to this section of our website, we would greatly appreciate it. We spent more than 6 months and hundreds of hours compiling, contacting, and describing these resources. For every source listed here, we reviewed and rejected about 5 or 6. Please link to our support sources by using:

Alcohol Use

Anabolic Steroids


Brain Injury

Child Abuse


Critical Incidents and Intervention

Death In The Line of Duty


Domestic Abuse

Drug Use

Eating Disorders

Families and Officers Support

Finding Local Support Groups

Fire Fighters

Grief and Bereavement

Healing Opportunities


Marriage, Mediation and Divorce

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

Peer Support for Police Officers

Peer Support for Police Officers' Family

Police Dispatcher Trauma

Police Information and Psychological Support

Police Political Groups

Police Social Groups

Post-Shooting Trauma

PTSD Can Attack Years Later, Even With No Previous Symptoms (article)

PTSD Lawsuit

PTSD Support Groups

PTSD and Trauma Research and Referral


Rape Support

Religion-Oriented and Faith-Based Support



Sex Addiction in Police Officers

Stress Management

Suicide Support

Training Seminars, Allen Kates

Treatment Centers for PTSD

Veterans of War

Women-Only Police Associations


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