CopShock: Second Edition
Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

by Allen R. Kates, MFAW, BCECR

 Police Information
Psychological Support

There are many websites on the Internet that offer copious amounts of information for police officers, from news stories and forums to products and training and psychological and emotional support. Included here are some of the more comprehensive sites, as well as more websites for police dispatchers.

Badge of Life—Psychological Survival for Police Officers
The police volunteers at Badge of Life will help you with presentations and training seminars in order to create a better quality of mental health for police officers and to prevent suicide. Their board of directors consists of retired and active cops, a psychiatrist, clinical social worker, a psychiatric nurse and major consultants in the mental health field. The website also provides information for grieving families.
   Go to: Write: Andy O’Hara, Exec-utive Director, Badge of Life, PO Box 2203, Citrus Heights, CA 95611. Phone: 916-212-3144.

CopNet links many police sites around the world into one large resource for police officers and anybody interested in police work. It features material on everything from firearms, forensics and psychology to books and equipment. In addition, CopNet features a nationally syndicated radio show where police issues, crime prevention, community relations, and interaction with citizens are discussed.
   Go to: is an exhaustive website. It is a law enforcement directory, a search engine for all things police, and it offers news, entertainment, columns, grants and funding information, a members network, discussion forums, a gift shop, products of all sorts, a police job center, a directory of over 6,000 police websites, training information, a section for police wives websites, and even the police joke of the day.
   Go to:

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
As well as pages and pages of articles about corrections, crime prevention, law enforcement and crime victims, the NCJRS offers links to many websites, statistics, and books. I acquired many studies on the psychological effects of PTSD on law enforcement officers from this service.
   Go to: Write: NCJRS, P.O. Box 6000, Rockville, MD 20849-6000. Call toll-free: 800-851-3420. Phone: 301-519-5500.

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has been mentioned elsewhere in the support sources, but it shows how significant it is that it falls into several major categories.

   Among other things, the NLEOMF collects the names and stories of all law enforcement officers who have been injured or killed in-the-line-of-duty, and during Police Week, the names of those recently deceased are read out, wreaths are placed in their honor, and the names are etched into the Memorial wall in Washington, DC. In addition, on its website and in its newsletter the NLEOMF tells the stories of those officers who gave their lives.

   The NLEOMF is also a repository of facts, figures and information about law enforcement trends, issues, and procedures. Its chairman and CEO, Craig Floyd, is an expert in law enforcement. For more than three decades, he has written articles, hosted radio shows, and published books. He is often quoted in the media about issues in the news, and on what officers do, how they are trained, and how they think. His work has been credited with changing America’s attitude toward the law enforcement profession, saving police lives, and providing assistance to the survivors of officers killed in-the-line-of-duty.

   Go to:
This remarkable website attempts to list every worldwide police source on the Internet. Providing a mountain of material, it lists individual departments, officers’ personal pages, officers killed on duty, and corrections information. It provides daily news stories related to law enforcement, forums, events, career information, products, articles on police life, leadership, operations and tactics, technology, and much more.
   Go to: Write:, 11720 Beltsville Drive, Suite 300, Beltsville, MD 20705.
This is one of the most comprehensive law enforcement websites on the Internet. It contains reference sections such as police news articles, products, community, career, training, officer safety, grants, body armor, communications, corrections, firearms, equipment, software, tactical, evidence collection, gangs, investigations, K9, SWAT, terrorism, expert witness, police videos, chat, forums, job postings, and more.

   Through, you can access one of their divisions called Calibre Press, which offers many law enforcement books, training manuals, and videos.

   The Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar is also listed with cities and dates when the seminar will be conducted. I have attended two of their seminars, and the instruction is topnotch, the videos exceptional, and you will leave the seminar a changed, safer, and better officer—the Street Survival Seminar is that powerful. Their tee-shirts say: “The Trained Survive,” and they mean it.

   For go to: Write: 200 Green Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111. Phone toll-free: 800-765-4231.

   For Calibre Press or the Street Survival Seminar go to: Write: 7616 LBJ Freeway, Suite 405, Dallas, TX 75251. Phone toll free: 800-323-0037. Main: 214-545-3060.